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Our staff from Gifted Hands will assure that you get the individualized support that you or your loved one needs in order for them to achieve the kind of life that they envision for themself.

Assist Personal Activities High Care

Assist Personal Activities High Care

We provide a high level of personal care for participants who have such needs

Assist with Personal Activities

Assist with Personal Activities

We assist participants go through their daily personal activities at home or otherwise

Assist with Travel/Transport

Assist with Travel/Transport

We assist participants to arrange, prepare, and travel to the destinations of their choice.

Community Nursing Care

Community Nursing Care

We provide nursing and care services to participants who require such nature of support

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

We support individuals who want to live an independent life by supervising and helping in the transition from support-based living to independent living.

Community Participation

Community Participation

We assist participants to search, locate, and commute to community events and make sure that they are able to engage in such events with our staff’s support, if necessary

Development-Life Skills

Development-Life Skills

We provide life skill training and assistance to participants who have such needs and desire

Household Tasks

Household Tasks

We assist participants with household tasks including but not limited to cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of a pet, etc.

Specialized Disability Accommodation

Specialized Disability Accommodation

We offer a homely accommodation service to individuals with special disability needs.

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About Us

Gifted Hands Home and Disability Care is a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered Provider located in Campbelltown, NSW, 2560. We provide a vast range of services under the NDIS framework including Assistance with Personal Activities, High Care, Travel/Transport Services, Community Nursing Care, Daily Tasks/Shared Living, Community Participation, Development Of Life Skills, Household Tasks, Specialised Disability Accommodation and Group Activities.

We realize that we all are unique in our own ways and might have different needs for us to reach our goals. Our staff from Gifted Hands will assure that you get the individualized support that you or your loved ones need in order for them to achieve the kinds of life that they envision for themselves. 

After working decades for Australian health services, we create our team who are specialized in providing care to differenly abled Australians in order to achieve the quality life for their independence.  

Moreover, our team has in-depth experience in providing care to clients who have physical and/or mental health disabilities, including child and adolescent mental health. 

FaqsFrequently Asked Questions

NDIS refers to National Disability Insurance Scheme. NDIS supports eligible people with various forms of disability including physical, intellectual, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability to improve their skills and independence.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent organisation managing the NDIS.

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