Group/Centre Activities

We help facilitate numerous activities designed to build life-skill capacity in the participants.

Group/Centre Activities

At Gifted Hands, we promote socialization through both staff-directed and self-directed capacity building activities. Participants can choose the kind and nature of activities that they feel comfortable with. The activities are designed to build the participants’ social skills as well as improve their capacity to live a life of their desire.
Some of the activities that we conduct but are not limited to are:
1.    Life development skills (eg: shopping, cooking, cleaning, personal care, gardening, taking care of a pet, etc.)
2.    Improved health (eg: group fitness activities, yoga, meditation, swimming, walks)
3.    Literacy and numeracy (eg: learning how to budget, money handling, reading and writing skills)
4.    Recreation (eg: singing, dancing, art and craft)
5.    Community resources (eg: library, community events, shopping, art gallery, volunteering)

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